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KSM VISION Sp. z o.o. (eng. Ltd.) is a spin-out company from Poland founded in 2012 by a group of students and PhD graduates of the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), who had been involved in the project MONIT: UDA-POIG.01.01.02-00-013/08-00. Over the course of the project, the company founders were involved in the development of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) software, which has been later transferred to the company through a license from the University. The DIC system offered by KSM VISION has been adopted for outdoor, in-situ measurements of different kind of objects by the implementation of several features, such as automatic merging of time-distributed data and securing the hardware from environmental conditions. These improvements were developed through R&D work at the University and at the company itself.

Since 2013, the company has been expanding its offer by providing sophisticated machine vision systems for 3D shape measurements with the employment of Structured Light and Time of Flight techniques. The measurements are followed by an advanced and customized analysis of data. An example of such could be the determination of thickness distribution of a corroded pipe or the determination of concentricity deviations of a boiler drum in a power plant.

KSM Vision has experience in measurements of shape, displacements and strains of objects and structures in such fields as: power engineering, chemical industry, district heating, experimental mechanics, building engineering and conservation of art. The company offers measurements as a service performed at a location requested by the client, as well as complete measurement systems, with technical parameters attuned to match the client’s specifications. The company is also capable of developing custom software for analysis and/or visualization of pre-recorded data. The scientific background of our engineers enables us to assemble and configure specialized measurement systems for any particular application expected by the client.

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