KSM Vision


energOptical measurement methods lend themselves to the observation of the most critical elements of power installations and the measurement of the whole construction of the installation. The measurements are conducted simultaneously within large measurement areas on objects in the field, during repair or exploitation. Our measurement systems based on the methods of digital image correlation, thermal imaging and laser scanning enable us to:

  • • measure displacements – detection of abnormalities in construction operation, optimization of construction guidelines, repair planning,
  • • measure displacements during start-up – assessment of project validity,
  • • measure shape – object cataloguing,
  • • measure temperature distribution.

Our employees are experienced with programming, data processing and result visualisation which enables us to approach the client’s needs on an individual basis. Using our application for determination of characteristic properties of the investigated object, we are able to determine e.g. the depth of corrosion at focus points based on a 3D shape map.

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