KSM Vision

Scientific research

Optical measurement methods have the potential to complement and expedite research work in many diverse areas.

The main advantage from employing optical methods is the capability of performing measurements within the whole view field of the detector, which can yield results in thousands or even millions of points simultaneously. This in turn enables a more detailed analysis of processes occurring within the investigated object. The methods of data analysis and processing are chosen individually, based on the client’s needs. The innovativeness of the work done by our employees in regard to data processing is substantiated by a number of publications in journals from the ISI list.

The scientific experience of our employees makes it practical to conduct work on partnership terms, as well as to form consortia in order to form joint research projects.

Our experience to date in regard to co-operation with scientific institutions includes such disciplines as:


  • power generation and district heating,
  • construction,
  • aviation,
  • material engineering,
  • cosmonautics,
  • art conservation.
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